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Freaks With Cameras

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yuripanda @ 04:27 pm: My cousin and her family are in town this week! They're staying at my aunt's house so we went over there Monday. I took pictures.

My brother (playing his gameboy), and my grandma petting my cousin's dog Sadie!


Sadie again. The legs belong to my aunt Janice.

My brother Justin. He just sat there the whole time playing his gameboy and didn't talk to anybody.

Sadie loves my grandma the most. If anyone else throws her the ball, she'll go get it and bring it back to my grandma to throw for her.


My favorite picture of Sadie...

Aww!!! Corgis are so cute!!

Justin, Sadie and Grandma!!!

My aunt Janice, Gwen's husband Duff, my cousin Gwen, and their daughter Willa! She'll be 2 next month!

My mum taking pictures and my brother playing his gameboy.

Willa plays the piano!

She's so cute!!

Willa's feet!


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